14 Jul

Buying dock de-icers is a great way to prevent costly damages that can occur during the winter months. Ice can damage docks, and even a small amount can ruin the overall appearance of your marina. There are many types of de-icers available for sale at iboats.com, including de-icing devices by Kasco, Taylor Made, and Powerhouse Ice Eaters. Make sure to choose a device with a powerful motor and a durable housing. 

Before purchasing a dock de-icer, it's important to consider the size of your dock. Docks with several feet of water need more than one de-icer, so make sure to buy the right size for your needs. If you purchase the wrong size, you could end up over-burdening the unit and diminishing its return. When considering the size of your dock, don't forget to consider the water depth around the dock, since this will help prevent ice buildup. Next, you need to consider the application of these dock de-icers. The proper sizing is essential because different dock types block water flow. Deep keel boats, floating docks, and pilings all inhibit water flow differently. A dock that's floating or has a curved bottom will inhibit flow more than one that has a shallow keel. 

Also, make sure to consider the location of your dock. You can choose between two mounting methods: a post-mount or a piling mount. A dock post-mounting bracket is easiest to install, and a truss mount bracket provides a secure base. Once installed, a dock de-icer will keep your dock safe and ice-free year-round. You can even use a post-mounting bracket as an alternative mounting option. There are many advantages to buying a dock de-icer: it will protect your dock and increase its value, and make you feel good about yourself. Get this resource for more details! You don't have to spend a fortune to buy dock de-icers. There are a number of low-cost alternatives, such as dock bubblers, that can make the dock safer for everyone. Depending on the size and design of your dock, you may be able to find a dock de-icer that fits your needs without breaking the bank. And if you don't want to spend a fortune, you can even make your own dock bubbler or de-icer. Read more about paddleboards at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/paddle

One of the most affordable options is the Kasco dock mount de-icer, which is suspended from a dock plate or a pipe. It can be adjusted to the desired angle and depth with ease. The de-icer can also be placed in a vertical position for optimal de-icing, and you can adjust the angle of its agitation. A 3/4hp model can keep an area of 50 square feet of water free of ice while a 1/2hp unit will work over a 70-foot surface. The unit can also remove stagnant water and improve water quality.

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